Friday, April 2, 2010

And into the Weekend With Us!!!

With the Easter (for me Ostara) weekend upon us and a kid's birthday party and swimming lessons to attend tomorrow, I imagine the next couple of days will be hectic. My husband has family visiting the States from Germany; we hope to visit with them on Sunday and enjoy a nice dinner with them before they leave for home on Tuesday. I'd imagined cooking a magnificent roast but probably will resort to some sort of pasta dish for the sake of time. It is not my wish to spend the entire day in the kitchen on Sunday and, as I have a tendency to overburden myself (the result of a highly excitable and imaginative mind, possibly), I will most likely have enough food to make as it is. I'm planning a matzoh ball soup and my Grandmother's chocolate chip Mandelbrot, a salad, some sort of bread, and the pasta dish. This should be enough food to provoke a pleasant food coma after dinner but not so much that any is wasted. I usually cook enough to feed a small army and then regret it later for the amount we don't eat.

Anyway, with the arrival of spring, I've been thinking about magic. Not just the magic of spells, potions, incense, and candles, but the magic that happens every day-the blessing of spring flowers pushing themselves forth from the moist earth, the call of songbirds and the whisper of warmth in the air. Since I live in South Florida, spring is not as pronounced as it was when I lived up north, but there are still signs of its presence to be felt, subtle though they be. This winter, nature was very kind to us (though not so kind to the iguanas and other non-native species who were unable to withstand the prolonged cold spells we experienced this year). We were treated with chilly nights and breezy, cold days-real winter days, minus the zero temperatures and the snow. The chill extended well past its usual visitation (if we even have a visit from the cold-some winters we barely notice that the "cold season" is upon us), and, even now, the temperatures are mild and very spring-like. While I know that soon the humidity will descend upon us like a warm, wet blanket and the sun will possess an intensity such as to sear the skin, right now the weather is beautiful and welcoming. The palm tree outside my window is dancing in a light breeze, accompanied by the very large mango beside it. A sweet breathe of air is passing through the shades of the office window, and all feels well in the world.

There is another kind of magic as well-the type that can be felt in a home but not necessarily seen. I think this sort of magic is born of a combination of things-the love everyone in our home shares with one another, remnants of spells which float on the air, residual energy from our home's previous owners (who seem to have been good, kind people and pillars of their community), the wonderful vibration of life which emanates from our animal companions. It's delicious and wonderful and I cherish that magic down to my soul. It makes me feel like I'm truly on the right spiritual path for me, and that the Goddess and God are blessing us and surrounding us with their divine love.

May you all have a blessed and happy weekend!

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  1. This is such a lovely post and the picture is so sweet. Hope you've had a happy and magical weekend. :)


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